Simple Pleasures

Life in the Mission field...

Editors Note:  We have so many shopping choices here in America that we can usually find anything we want when we get the whim for it.  Our missionaries often have a whole new array of food choices to get used to and they may never find their "home grown favorites."  Imagine Deanna's joy when she came upon canned pumpkin last Spring.

Sometimes it is the simple little things you can miss. I come from a line of pumpkin pie bakers, grandma and mom. So I grew up loving pumpkin pie.

Tinned pumpkin is a rare find here in Ireland and when found can be costly. Recently, shopping in our local shop, I found tinned pumpkin, I had to do a double take. Yep there it was and the cost manageable. Let's just say Shawn had one giddy wife in the shop.

Soon there will be pumpkin pie. I know it breaks all the rules of having pumpkin pie only during Thanksgiving, but you have to enjoy these moments when they come. 

by Deanna Tebbe, Missionary to Ireland