"James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ." James 1:1

With all I am, I long to say these words in truth and deed. James, the half brother of Jesus Christ, was called "camel knees" because he was often found on his knees in prayer. That was part of his legacy - he didn't mention the fact that he was Jesus' half brother or leader in the church. No. He wanted to be known as a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What's your legacy going to be? How you act? How you treat others or what's important to you? How you spend your time determines that.

My nephew recently told me he became a Christian because of me. He said, "Titi it wasn't what you said but how you lived. I would call you a 'Holy Roller,' but now I understand."

I am both humbled and overjoyed at his words. These are the things that are important and the legacy I want to leave.

So, live your faith out loud. It doesn't matter what others think or say. The end result will be a new job description.

"Servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ."