A Mother's Heart

"Therefore, my brethren dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved." Philippians 4:1

Another school year complete! Well done our four loves!

There were great moments, intense moments, hard moments. All for the Glory of God you endured and did well.

You are growing so quickly, learning to filter the Truth of His Word in your lives. The battle is thick, the world makes promises and contradicts the Truth you are taught at home.

Stand firm my sweet ones, the Bible is full of examples of youth who faced giants, lion's dens, fiery furnaces, and circumstances beyond their control. These youth lived a life for the living God. They knew to take a stand for what is right. They put their faith in God and knew He alone would defend, protect, and watch over them as they stood firm in obedience to His Word.

Don't grow weary in doing what is right, in speaking Truth, in obedience to God. God will defend, protect and watch over you as you stand for Him.

It is hard at times. You are finding out that living for the Lord brings a cost, sometimes to a friendship or it may feel like you are the "only" one. Following the Lord is worth the cost. He will take ordinary lives surrendered to Him and do extraordinary things.

Stand firm in Him, dear ones, and watch Him use you in a mighty way!

by Deanna Tebbe, Missionary Serving in Ireland