Good Father

You're good, Dear Father, 
You are the only One good.

You are good always, Dear Father,
Even in the midst of bad;
Many storms and trials of this life
That Your precious children have.

Sometimes things can look desperate, 
But we will never despair, 
Because You are always good to us
And we know that You really do care. 

So whatever come what may
Is fine,
We will trust in You
And abide in the vine. 

Your ways are always perfect, 
Your Word is always true, 
You work All for good, Dear Father,
For those who belong to You. 

You call us Your beloved people,
You keep all our prayers in a bowl,
You give us JESUS Christ forever,
You have claimed our heart and soul! 

The blood of the Lamb, our righteousness,
And the testimony of His chosen, His saints
Crush every bond of slavery,
And break every strong hold and chain.  

This is our LORD, 
He defeated the grave!

Your love is wild, Almighty God,
Your peace is truly unreal;
We reject the poison of the liar
Who only destroys, kills, and steals. 

You are for us, our Great Defender,
Who can come against?
You go before us, our God, and make a way,
Guiding by Your loving hand. 

You know our frame, Dear Father,
We'd be sinless if we could;
But until that day of deliverance,
Whatever hurts or seems unfair,
We trust in Your unfailing love,
Your praise we will declare! 

You're good, Dear Father, 
You are the only One good.

by Dana Lange