Courage in the Circumstances

"Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?" Esther 4:14b

E is for Esther the beautiful queen, 
Born to reign over Persia with Xerxes the king.

S is for subtle, the danger she’d find,
What would she do in this battle of the mind?

T is for terror, her people would die .
Nothing could stop it--if she didn’t try.

H is for Haman, who hated the Jews.
He planned to exterminate each one from his view.

E is for evil and eagerness, too,
that threatened God’s people--
What could they do?

R is for righteous, that was Mordecai’s life.
He trusted God to use Esther, to put an end to the strife.

For “such a time as this” 
Esther “stepped up to the plate”,

Will we do the same or is it too late?

No! Never too late! 
God’s will, will be done.

So put on your “gospel” shoes, Ladies...
We have a race to run!

by Darla J. Short~ Lewis 🌺