Inspiring Love of the Word

Editor's Note: Anne Martin has requested we post these comments by Jon Courson, Pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship in Oregon. May we grow to love God's Word with this kind of dedication.

"I read about a French woman who lived fifty years ago and had been blind from birth. One day, someone gave her the gospel of Mark in Braille. She was so blessed by the story of Jesus that she read it over and over until her fingertips became calloused and lost their sensitivity. To regain feeling in her fingers, she cut off the callouses, and with bloody fingertips, read Mark's gospel yet again.

As she continued to cut away the skin and the callouses, she damaged her nerve endings so badly that soon she permanently lost all feeling in her fingertips. Devastated, she held her copy of the gospel of Mark in her hands one last time and literally kissed it goodbye.

It was then she discovered that her lips were more sensitive than her fingertips had ever been. She continued to study the Scriptures, with her lips, and went on to become a gifted teacher of the Word."  Jon Courson