"You are altogether beautiful my darling, There is no blemish in you,"
Song of Solomon 4:7

These are the words spoken from King Solomon to His bride, but as I read them they were whispered in my heart by my Lord who loves me. 

When depression came to visit, all the things I loved to do became a burden. The fact that I now limp screamed into my head, instead of my being thankful that I can still walk. “Old, wrinkled and unimportant” wiggled its way into my subconscious. Even while combing my hair I thought “Why bother? No one is going to notice”. But God … 

For the first time in months I started to write today. You see, in my depression I had stopped writing. Instead I jotted notes here and there in my journal. But Jesus reminded me what He said to me when He first gave me this gift of writing and love for His Word and His people. "Eve, even if only one person reads what you write you be faithful to encourage that person. Remember you are doing this for Me". I am incredibly thankful and humbled that He didn't take away His gift but gently reminded me to get to work. 

He also gave me the precious gift of understanding how He sees me. He doesn’t care about my age, only that He chose me. He alone is perfection and He reminded me that He lives in me. The perfect, beautiful Lamb of God lives in me. Because I am His, this is how Father God sees me - spotless, without blemish, and beautiful. I can’t smile any wider. 

God just gives and gives without measure and I will never take that for granted because God loves and loves and loves!

"He has brought me to His banqueting table. His banner over me is love."
Song of Solomon 2:4

My precious sisters, I hope none of you will suffer depression. But, if you do, remember - God is for you, He sees your pain and understands it. In His eyes you are His beautiful bride!

by Eve Montano