A Glimpse of Glory

A Glimpse of Glory

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!” Matthew 25:40


Two weeks ago, in our Thursday morning Bible Study, Erin Swanson challenged us to be bold, leave our comfort zone, and ask a stranger if they would like to “Pray to receive Christ as their personal savior.” My heart was pierced with anxiety at the thought of walking up to a total stranger and saying those words. And if they said “yes” would I have the right words to pray the most soul-redeeming prayer?

I never thought of myself as an evangelist—teacher, prayer warrior, helper, yes, but evangelist? So as I dashed to my car after study, my one thought was to get to McDonalds for a quick snack and be on time for my weekly volunteer commitment at my grandson’s first grade class.

I swung into the parking lot and noticed a very pitiful sight. A very dirty, disheveled woman was rummaging through a grocery cart and setting up an old umbrella for some shade as the day was blistering hot. I could tell it was a woman, but she was so thin, dirty and ragged I couldn’t tell her age.

Erin’s words haunted me.

The Holy Spirit whispered, “Buy her a Happy Meal.

I responded, I’m in a hurry, I’ve got to be at school in 15 minutes.

Buy her a Happy Meal.”

I ordered a meal, found a seat, choked down my burger and…stared out at the woman. The Holy Spirit softly, gently, prodded my heart, “Buy her a Happy Meal.” So I got up, ordered the healthiest Happy Meal on the menu and headed outside.

She was under her little umbrella, bent over her cart as I walked up. “Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

I handed her the sack and she put it in her cart on top of the pile of…stuff.

My years as Assistant Director at a women’s shelter kicked in. What homeless people need—and never get—is face to face human contact. Eye contact. A touch from another human being.

I huddled close to her under her umbrella, leaned into her and said, ”Would you like to pray to receive Christ as your personal Savior?”

She answered, “I did that a long time ago.”

I reached for her hand and covered it with both of mine. She asked me to pray for her.

I can’t even remember exactly what I said because the Spirit was coursing through my veins, giving me the words. The only thing I actually remember saying is, “Lord let this precious woman be a reminder to everyone who sees her of how much we need You.”

Then the strangest thing happened. I opened my eyes, looked into hers, and beheld a glowing pale blond halo of beautiful hair and two of the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen. Neither of us said anything. I smiled and said, “God bless you,” and walked back to my car dazed, filled with the most supernatural Joy. I floated the rest of the day.

I’ve been back since then because it’s the same McDonalds where I take my little guys after school for ice cream cones. I haven’t seen her again. I still think of her every day and pray for her.

How did she end up homeless and alone? Or was she an angel sent to bless me with a glimpse of Glory? Her beautiful face still shines in my head.

I’m so grateful the Lord prompted me to step outside my comfort zone and obey what He clearly told me to do. I experienced His presence, His power and His joy in an unexpected, unforgettable, supernatural way.

Thank you Lord, thank you Erin, thank you beautiful, sweet homeless woman.

by Cindy Snelling