God is With Us

God Is With Us

“All right then, the LORD himself will give you the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God is with us’).” Isaiah 7:14

Every year it seems there is more emphasis on the marketability of the Christmas season than there seems to be an appreciation for the real reason for the season—Jesus. Some sorrowful believers have penned poems about the substitution of the Santa-myth for the truth of God’s perfect gift.

“Twas the night before Christmas and it seemed such a shame,
not a soul mentioned our dear Savior by name.
They talked about Santa and the reindeer and elves
as their dust-covered Bibles just lay on the shelf.”

The baby in the manger—heralded to lowly shepherds by an angelic choir and illuminated to the Magi by the star in the east—came to give us hope. The message of Christmas is that God sent us his Son, Immanuel, to be our Savior.

What is it you are needing this Christmas? Jesus is the best giving-and-receiving gift ever. Have you considered that every book of the Bible, God’s Word to us, proclaims God’s Son?

The Apostle John wrote Jesus has been with us from the beginning (John 1:1-3). Read and savor how each book reveals who our Immanuel is.

Genesis: Jesus is the Creator who promises to redeem all of creation as the promised seed of Abraham.
Exodus: Jesus is the Passover Lamb whose blood saves those who are under it.
Leviticus: Jesus is the ultimate High Priest who offers Himself to atone for the sins of His people.
Numbers: Jesus is the Bread of Life, sustaining the people of God and the Living Water from the Rock, quenching their thirst.
Deuteronomy: Jesus is the obedient son who earns the blessing but freely takes the curse so His brothers and sisters may be blessed as well.
Joshua: Jesus is the one who conquers the enemies of God’s people and leads them to victory and rest.
Judges: Jesus is the one who delivers His people from injustice and reminds them of God’s covenant faithfulness.
Ruth: Jesus is the kinsman-redeemer who provides abundantly for the foreigner and the widow.
1-2 Samuel: Jesus is the righteous King who is also the faithful Prophet and the holy Priest.
1-2 Kings: Jesus is the King who gives an easy yoke to His people and unites them in love.
1-2 Chronicles: Jesus is the Son of David who reigns forever with justice and mercy.
Ezra: Jesus is the faithful priest sent to instruct and encourage the people of God.
Nehemiah: Jesus is the one who restores His broken people and leads them to restore that which was broken around them.
Esther: Jesus is the faithful One who reigns over kingdoms and individuals even when He is not recognized.
Job: Jesus is the voice of wisdom calling us to glorify the Sovereign God of Creation.
Psalms: Jesus is the True Song declaring God’s glory to His people and to the nations.
Proverbs: Jesus is the wisdom of God guiding the people of God through the trials of life.
Ecclesiastes: Jesus is the Eternal Wisdom giving purpose to our brief lives.
Song of Songs: Jesus is the Faithful Husband rejoicing in the beauty of His Bride.
Isaiah: Jesus is the Suffering Servant whose wounds heal His people.
Jeremiah: Jesus is the Righteous Branch offering shelter to all who will come to Him in faith.
Lamentations: Jesus is the prophet who weeps for the disobedience of God’s people and the one who will restore them.
Ezekiel: Jesus is the Son of Man who brings life back to God’s people by sending the Spirit to resurrect them.
Daniel: Jesus is the Son of Man enthroned over the nations who nonetheless walks through trials with His people.
Hosea: Jesus is the Husband who is faithful even when His Bride is not.
Joel: Jesus is the one who restores what the locust has eaten and sends the Holy Spirit to His people.
Amos: Jesus is the one who proclaims justice for all regardless of wealth or fame.
Obadiah: Jesus is the brother who never fails His kinsmen.
Jonah: Jesus is the prophet declaring salvation for even the most unlikely of people.
Micah: Jesus is the lowborn peasant who reigns through justice and mercy to bring God’s salvation.
Nahum: Jesus is the judge who offers mercy but will assuredly bring justice if rejected.
Habbakuk: Jesus is the all-sufficient righteousness of God who enables perseverance through trials.
Zephaniah: Jesus is the missionary judge calling all people to receive mercy and a new identity.
Haggai: Jesus is the one who restores worship in the people of God.
Zechariah: Jesus is the humble King who allows Himself to be pierced for His people’s salvation.
Malachi: Jesus is the Lord who remembers His servants and sets them apart from those who do evil.
Matthew: Jesus is the Messiah who fulfills the Law and sends His people to proclaim the good news.
Mark: Jesus is the Messiah who serves the people of God.
Luke: Jesus is the Messiah who seeks and saves the lost.
John: Jesus is the Messiah reconciling God and man.
Acts: Jesus is the Lord who sends His people to proclaim and establish outposts of His kingdom everywhere.
Romans: Jesus is the righteousness of God accessible to all who confess Him as Lord and believe in His resurrection.
1 Corinthians: Jesus is revealed in the lives of His people and they ought to live in love, holiness, and unity as a result.
2 Corinthians: Jesus is the promise made to God’s people of what’s to come.
Galatians: Jesus is the only thing God’s people need.
Ephesians: Jesus is the source of unity and salvation.
Philippians: Jesus is the source of joy and humility.
Colossians: Jesus is the source of all things and the life of His people.
1 Thessalonians: Jesus is the encouragement His people need for the present and the hope they need for the future.
2 Thessalonians: Jesus is the coming Judge who will avenge the people of God.
1 Timothy: Jesus is the Savior of the worst who provides for their life in community.
2 Timothy: Jesus is a treasure worth guarding and sharing.
Titus: Jesus is the standard of truth against which every teacher is measured.
Philemon: Jesus is the one who calls His people to unity regardless of status, history, & other considerations.
Hebrews: Jesus is better than everything.
James: Jesus doesn’t accept lip-service but calls His people to whole-hearted service.
1 Peter: Jesus is the example for God’s people to remain faithful in the midst of suffering.
2 Peter: Jesus is the one who ends the history of sin and restores creation in righteousness.
1 John: Jesus is Love.
2 John: Jesus is Truth.
3 John: Jesus is Good.
Jude: Jesus is the one who has mercy on us and keeps us from stumbling.
Revelation: Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who makes all things new.

Immanuel. God with us. God in human form. We couldn’t reach heaven on our own, so Jesus came to earth to make the way. He says to us today,

I’m here. Call on me.”

So, Sisters, will you not seek him out and invite him in? To live in your heart…now and forever? He is all you need and will ever need.

Jesus is who you are longing for.

Wise men sought him out and followed the star. They were diligent seekers for the truth. They had eyes to see and ears to hear to be diligent observers in their studies and searching.

They were willing to follow the evidence and go wherever it led. It took them many months. By staying the course—finishing strong with determination—they recognized who Jesus was and worshipped him.

“O come let us worship and bow down: Let us kneel before the Lord, our maker…” Psalm 95:6

In the silence, as he speaks…will you be wise or otherwise? Hope is on the way.

offered by Peggy Carson