“Your worth is based on the value God has placed on you. You are not defined by your past, your failures, what someone else said you’re worth, what you think you’re worth, what you own, the way you look or by any other value this world or its people have or have placed on you. The enemy will remind you everyday of who you used to be. But God tells you who you are. Our worth has been sealed forever in His love and mercy. Our lives are defined by His grace alone.” Louie Giglio


I’m certain these words were meant for me. I have been defining my life by the roadblocks—not seeing the giant arrows pointing me toward another direction.

My strong desire has been to daily encourage, pray and give biblical counsel in the context of a church. This hasn’t happened. I’ve always felt limited through social media to do that. But the yearning hasn’t gone away. I see a plethora of opportunities without being able to realize them.

I see ministry as a daily call, a continual pouring of God’s truth into women. I know from personal experience that I need to spend intimate time with him every day. I want to share what God has taught me. He pours “in” to make me a vessel that pours “out.”

Bible verses describe the beauty of Jesus Christ, our Savior. I don’t know how to create things that are pretty—I’m thankful if I can color within the lines. But I see God’s beautiful creation as a holy place—to sit quietly, be inspired, and share his love of it.

Several times I’ve taken tentative steps into ministry and each door I’ve knocked on remained closed. Every rejection, no matter how loving—has left me wondering “What am I missing Lord?” Am I really too old to understand what women need today? Don’t we all just need You? Can I not relate to them? This hurts. Take this desire away, please.”

No answer. Everytime I look at the young women around me, confused by mixed messages this world—and even religion—puts out, I think “God's Word has the answers you’re looking for.” Every time I hear how lonely someone is—isolated in the middle of a crowd—or how they don’t feel they fit in anywhere, I think “You're not alone, God has you.” The desire to gently, lovingly share what gets me through those same issues just grows and grows..

We don’t always communicate face to face. With social media we connect with others through our phones or computers and this only serves to make us feel isolated. We see the highlights of others’ lives and feel our own is lacking.

“There’s a ministry here.” Father God whispers into my heart. “But God, I want to minister in a church!”

I recently visited my son in Pennsylvania. I also visited family in New York and New Jersey. While there, different family members thanked me for being faithful in posting on social media, encouraging them through God's word. My sister-in-law said, “It didn’t matter that you were in California, you strengthened my faith as if you were here.”

I came home from my visit and couldn’t wait to be with my church family again! As I closed my eyes and worshipped. I was reminded I am to serve Him wherever I am—as the Holy Spirit leads. God put the desire in my heart. No building can contain all the Lord has for me to share of His love, grace and mercy. As the temple of the Holy Spirit, I contain the love of God and can share with whomever and whenever opportunity arises. I’ve been looking for a place and realized all I’ve ever needed to serve Him is within me.

“Okay, my Lord, I hear you now. Thank You!” He took me across the country to make a point.

When you read this, my hope for you is that you will do whatever it is the Lord puts on your heart. Take a step in faith. The enemy wants to stop us. He will use anything or anyone to try and keep us from proclaiming Jesus Christ. Don’t doubt, but walk toward your goals. If it’s God’s will for you, He will confirm it and then help you to get it done.

“And I am sure of this, He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” Philippians 4:6

by Eve Montano