From Mom ...

Dear One,

If you fade from my memory
If I forget your name,
Know you will always hold my heart,
I’ll love you just the same.

So, when you see a clearness
or a twinkle in my eye,
Just know that at that moment,
I feel that you’re close by

I’ll be dancing with the memories
Of days when you were young,
Of games and talks and silly songs
Bursting from our lungs.

Of how you met and married
The precious one you love,
But most of all my heart’s content
With your love for our Lord above.

Remembering in my heart of hearts,
Sweet babies you made “Grand”,
The laughter and the silly songs,
And tiny little hands.

I thank God for the precious joy
I might not express today,
But remember. Child.
A Mother’s Love can never fade away.

By Darla J. Short-Lewis