Mobilization Station

Does your heart beat for the worldwide Kingdom of God while remaining in your home country? Do you wish there were more who understood your heart’s cry or do you wish there was more you could do from home? There is—and it’s a vital role!

Become a mobilizer for the global cause of Christ. Be the one who opens eyes to the work going on around the world—be the one who causes movement to happen: people beginning to fulfill not only their local calls, but their global calls as well!

A mobilizer is a person who in essence pours the gasoline of awareness into the lawnmowers that are otherwise resting idly.  They pull the trigger and watch as the natural reactions begin to take place.  And bam: another one has been mobilized.

Here are simple ways that you can begin to awaken people’s interests to what God is doing around the world:

Become aware! Sign up and read missionaries’ newsletters and share info with others.

Ask your small group to adopt a missionary family or an unreached people group.

Be a welcomer: Investigate opportunities to welcome international students or refugees in your area.  Reach the nations from home.

Sign up for a Perspectives course—literally the best thing to light a fire for the worldwide kingdom of God!

Host a “Japan” night (or another if you like) with food or activities from that culture—as well as updates and prayer for the people.  Even better if you have a missionary with you!

Join a Care Team and encourage others to join a care team.

Blog about all of these experiences and watch how God uses you!

by Janine Alvarado, CCEA Missionary to Japan